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Intelligent acquisition is the future of government business for fielding new capabilities.  Other Transactions authorities (OTs) are a game-changer making way for alternative business and teaming approaches for R&D and prototyping – leading to production.  Call it “creative contracting” or “commercial-like,” the difference is intelligence.  Forget cut and paste contracting, burdensome rules, non-value added process and more rules; this is business driven by goals, performed by smart people who really want to get things done!  OTs focus on solving problems through teaming and collaboration, not just fulfilling requirements created somewhere else.  No new process to learn, this is re-imagining acquisition.  For those with common sense and good business acumen, OTs are a natural and simple to understand, but those steeped and dedicated to the current system may be baffled… it’s smart, mission-oriented teams doing dynamic business.

Congress has made pleas to the DoD to be courageous and bold in use of these authorities, even asking to develop a “preference”.  The warfighter needs capabilities faster, the taxpayer desires this and affordability too, the wide world of industry is ready to be tapped by a better partner.  OTs are here, tailored to be the core of a functional parallel system to deliver these NOW!  What are you waiting for?

Join us at Other Transactions: Acquisition Intelligence to understand (clarify) OTs and why they are urgently needed at this critical point in time.

Who should attend:

  • Leadership & Program Executivesyour buy-in is critical, provide top-cover, reduce resistance 
  • Program Managersyour leadership is vital and key to success
  • Legalovercome obstacles, pivotal in contract negotiations
  • Contractingessential, new opportunities, dynamic part of team 
  • Comptroller & Financenew and exciting potential possibilities
  • Test & Evaluationensuring the right solution, key feedback, end-user collaboration
  • Analystsnew business approaches require smarts
  • Consortia Managersyour role is and continues to be cardinal
  • Industry Large & Small – your business expertise, products and innovation are fundamental 
  • Funding Partners –  fast-paced innovation requires access to capital, potential 



*This will be one of the last in a series of awesome Other Transactions educational conferences hosted by Strategic Institute, don’t miss the opportunity to take part in one of these incredible events that draw from source knowledge. The event will sell out.