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Proposed Agenda – subject to change
DAY ONE:  OTAs are FAR Out!
0915 OTAs Past, Present & Future
0945 Making the Case: Studies & Research
1045 Break
1100 Knowledge is Power: Essentials of OTAs
1200 Lunch
1300 Panel: Real and Perceived Issues
1345 Variations and Potential of OTAs
1430 Break
1445 Afternoon Keynote: Lt. General Kwast, USAF
1530 USSOCOM/SOFWERX Agile Acquisition
1615 Air Force Technology Accelerator 
1700 End of Day One


DAY TWO:  Understanding the Potential
0900 Deep Dive into the Statutes
0930 Common Terms and Conditions
1000 Overcoming Resistance: A Road-map to YES!
1045 Break
1100 DIUx Experience: CSO’s to Production OT’s and what they mean
1200 Lunch
1300 Clarifying Resource & Cost Sharing
1330 Emerging Business Models: Innovation Finance
1400 Break
1415 Teaming for Success
1445 Participant’s Choice (poll on registration form)
1530 Q&A
1600 End of Day Two