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The Need for Speed: Rapid Fielding using Other Transactions will provide alternative approaches to the costs too much, takes too long acquisition system.  Here, you will tap into the authoritative knowledge-base of Other Transactions, and will emerge better educated and inspired to do innovative business.

OTs allow freedom of contract and freedom to think, prioritizing goals rather than rules in contractual relationships. The essential ingredients for success include personnel, in government and industry, who want to accomplish mission goals and are prepared to step outside business-as-usual to do so. Program managers, contracting personnel, fiscal experts and lawyers need to be equipped with the knowledge that enables them to make maximum use of business judgment and common sense; and envision ways of doing things that have seldom or never been done before!

OTs and related authorities that permit innovations in contracting and business arrangements can lead to rethinking on a range of related issues. They can be a catalyst for critical changes and innovation throughout the DoD and other federal agencies.

This educational seminar will bring together like-minded people who seek to expedite R&D and prototyping to rapidly field new capabilities. The program will cover core concepts of OTs on the first day, and highlight advanced concepts and explore examples of agreements collaboratively on the second.

Education is Key to Unlocking the Power of OTs!  Learn from the recognized pioneers and experts, and take advantage of networking opportunities for future information sharing and support.  This is important work, let’s do it!

The Secretary of Defense shall – ensure that management, technical, and contracting personnel of the Department of Defense involved in the award or administration of transactions under this section or other innovative forms of contracting are afforded opportunities for adequate education and training… Sec. 863, NDAA 2018

Who Should Attend…
⦁ Senior Leadership accountable for planning, policy and/or implementation
⦁ Program Executives in government and industry who oversee R&D, systems development
⦁ Program Managers responsible for research, development & experimentation
⦁ Contracting and Support Staff in R&D, innovation and acquisition

Course Objectives… Learn to
⦁ Reduce R&D and acquisition time, cost, and improve outcomes
⦁ Negotiate and collaborate consistent with commercial practices
⦁ Attract and do business with non-traditional, innovative companies
⦁ Identify and avoid non value added processes
⦁ Use OTs to address critical problems with greater agility

Added Benefits…
⦁ Increase business acumen
⦁ Network with like-minded doers

“I cannot remember ever attending a training with such amazing and high ranking experts in OTAs. So fantastic to hear them all.”
“Actual OT practitioners collaborating, sharing stories, challenges, encouragement – very lively event!”
“Detailed information combined with first hand experiences and lessons learned from professionals involved in the OTA world. Awesome!”





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