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Strategic Consulting

The Institute provides strategic consulting services for government, business, and policy makers. Richard L. Dunn is recognized as pioneer and leading resource in innovative government contracting, specifically for his work in the further development of “Other Transaction Authority.”


Education and training on existing and emerging contracting innovations is a cornerstone of the Institute’s work.  It does so via seminars, in-house training, speaking engagements, articles and resource materials.


Innovation often requires stepping out of one’s comfort zone, at these times it is advantageous to have an expert on-hand. Richard L. Dunn will provide advisory services via phone or web to those working with Other Transactions Authority or innovative processes.

Meeting Planning

The Institute is able to offer professional meeting planning services in collaboration with a host organization.


Are you a member of the press or media trying to understand government contracting or how it can be improved?  A part of our mission is to advocate for greater efficiency, performance, and results.  Please feel free to contact us.