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More than innovation talk, this is for those with a mission to field new advanced capabilities.  Join us as we explore alternative business approaches that can bridge the divide between the Pentagon, tech community and fast-paced innovative companies…

Top leadership in the DoD has laid the foundations for an alternative acquisition system using other transactions (OTs) and related authorities.  In the 2018 NDAA, Congress asked DoD to develop a preference for using these authorities for R&D, experimentation and prototyping leading to production.  New Pentagon guidance strongly urges thinking about problems, potential solutions and win/win business arrangements using OTs.  The stage is set, the light is green, the needs are pressing…  it is now up to leadership, program executives and managers, innovation hubs in government and industry to blaze new trails.  It’s time to get smart, this is not business as usual and new, even radical, thinking applies.  The language and ideas indicate that these are more than niche authorities, they make up the core of an alternative system…  a system that has largely yet to be invented.

OT authorities were created to give DoD the flexibility necessary to adopt and incorporate business practices that reflect commercial industry standards and best practices into its award instruments. – 2019 DoD OT Guide

For those in government and industry who want to accomplish mission goals and develop new capabilities in new advantageous ways, this is an exciting time, full of potential and opportunity.  Join us in February for education, insight and making the connections needed to invent the future!

Education is the Key to unlocking the power of OTs!

OTs must be implemented in a way that incentivizes educated risk taking and harvests innovation from across the dynamic marketplace. Sec. 809 Panel, 2019

Who Should Attend…
⦁ Senior Leadership accountable for planning, policy and/or implementation
⦁ Program Executives in government and industry who oversee R&D, systems development
⦁ Program Managers responsible for research, development & experimentation
⦁ Contracting and Support Staff in R&D, innovation and acquisition

Course Objectives… Learn to
⦁ Reduce R&D and acquisition time, cost, and improve outcomes
⦁ Negotiate and collaborate consistent with commercial practices
⦁ Attract and do business with non-traditional, innovative companies
⦁ Identify and avoid non value added processes
⦁ Use OTs to address critical problems with greater agility

Added Benefits…

  • Utilize alternative acquisition pathways for rapid fielding to force & fleet
  • Create a network for info and resource sharing
  • Transition from tech scouting and scans seamlessly to end-user capabilities
  • See the bigger picture for alternative acquisition/business approaches
  • Be an early adopter and lead the way!
… the DoD is putting things in place to make it easier to do business with… there are changes, changes that have come from using different kinds of contracting vehicles and authorities, that can allow us to move at commercial speed.  – Mike A. Brown, Director, Defense Innovation Unit